Private house parties stuffing your own Teddy Bear with our amazing portable Teddy Bear Stuffing Machine.

• Stuffed animal parties starting at $20 per child. Comfort of having a stuffed animal party anywhere: your house, backyard, community park or poolside! Your child gets to help stuff a bear with one of our very own bear stuffers.

• No long lines to stuff a Teddy Bear!
Our bear stuffing machines are
fast & reliable.
• We bring the Teddy Bear Birthday
Party to you!

The centerpiece of all of our parties is our Fluff Pump that stuffs teddy bears. It's a six foot tall old fashioned gas pump that fills your animal with life. No more long lines waiting to stuff your own animal. Comfort of having a stuff your collectible animal party in the comfort of your own home. We bring the stuff your own animal party to your house! We offer your children choices! We bring up to 8 different stuffed animals and at least 12 different outfits for both the boys and the girls to choose from! We travel to Los Angeles to Orange County! We carry a variety of animals from Bears to Dogs and many more! No more hassles of a chaotic store! No mess, no set up or clean up!

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